‘Interim Expressions’ is a platform on which new products appear that have been designed and brought together from a deep care for all that is of value, and for all that is yet to appear that is of value, many generations after us.

Each of these products speaks for itself and can serve as a signpost on the unknown, mysterious, and challenging path of life. What is displayed here is but a fraction of the beginning of what is on the move.

The future is coming, and we are living in the interim, a time of transition between the past and the future.



Walks of Importance introduces you to a series of walks, experiences and practical journeys in spending time with oneself in nature and with others to build a more intimate relationship with one’s life and possibility. They are about expanding our perception about living in a body and all the many and varied lives that make up what it means to be human.

Walks of Importance assist a person to slow down, to be with and tune to lives and places inside us that are mostly ignored. They are about building a stronger intactness and inner steadiness in a time of increasing uncertainty.



Qualities add to our inner stability in times of turbulence and uncertainty and hold the power to enhance our possibility. These 120 Connection Cards can accompany you in these changing times and open you to a process of exploration into the connections — between you and you, you and others, and you and other things.



A Prayer into the World scarves series has appeared from a deepening understanding that we, each one of us, make ourselves, and the collective interplay of us all makes this world. This making is in everything we do, from how we treat ourselves, to how we treat each other and other life, to how we treat the planet for the next generations to come. The scarves are coded with now and tomorrow’s messages.



‘Electric Ecosystem’ book opens an inspiring reality that calls for contemplation and dialogue about the vulnerability and natural balance of the ecosystem, in which everything appears to be interconnected and where even the quietest frequencies can have the greatest effects.

A5 DIARY “Forest Journal”

This journal awaits your future thoughts, reasons, feelings, ideas and questions. It invites a yet unknown journey by offering the space to freely
express, discover something remarkable or find courage to enter into a new day. It can accompany you wherever you go and will be a reminder that
around the trees along your path there is always something that inspires to make note of.



Beautiful, blue and true, gracefully spinning through the universe. The EARTH poster is coded with respect, care, and love for this blue, precious planet upon which we live.

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